We buy used cars


We estimate the fair market price Your car down into the details of each car by examining not only the model and version, but subjecting it to strict controls that only our organization with the interaction of all of our divisions (workshops – car bodies – agencies – revisions – commercial). And so absolutely transparent and certified you will subject the merits and defects of Your vehicle keeping in view the welfare history (kilometers guaranteed), the actual state of use and the details of the accessories.
It will be our “tutor” expert to follow every nuance this process.

Our “tutor” expert will follow you to every nuance this process..

You decide, with his valuable advice, what to do with your car: immediate sale, offering for sale, barter, made new. That’s how:

Immediate sale:

Commissioning Sales:
Publication in our carfor sites, OFFICINECARUSO, OFFICINAFORESI (photo and video data sheet and optionals list) Detailed officers and very high resolution. Published in more than 50 Italian and European sales sites, we proposed to our partners abroad dealers. No waste of time for you and a WARRANTY SAFE transaction.

Bonus evaluation if you choose to go to a car of our car park.

Focus again targeted assessment of remedial measures for the development of your new car. Often there quickly “tired” of our car and neglecting it we can not wait to give it the Way. Interventions designed aesthetics and functionality of the car to lose out safely Dodging substantial outlays to switch to another car. Also for your peace of mind we will ensure not only the work carried out but all the mechanics and electronics of the car itself.


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